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Monarch Rest Quiet Night mattress in finished room

About Us

A Well-Built Mattress Is a Song In Tune

If one note is off-key, it affects the beauty of the music.
It’s the same with a mattress.

That’s why we care so much about crafting each element precisely.

  • Cutting the perfect sizes.
  • Sewing. Laminating.
  • Assembling.
  • Binding.
  • Using the highest grade materials.

So you can drift off to sleep with no distractions with the best lullaby of all–a good mattress.

Who We Are

Our shop is tucked into the rolling hills of Sugarcreek, Ohio, in a community famed for its Amish craftsmanship. Each of our mattresses is hand-made, harmonizing our heritage of Swiss-German craftsmanship with cutting-edge sleep technology for a well-tuned mattress.

How We Began

In 1991, Paul Miller, a 35-year-old Amish man, acquired Rainbow Bedding LLC from his brother-in-law. Paul had experience in wood-working, but knew very little about mattress construction. “It was humiliating after doing woodworking for many years not to know anything about how to build a mattress,” Paul says.

But he learned. And his meticulous determination and intution for only the highest quality are the threads that have run strong and true to the Monarch Rest of the present, now owned by his son, Jolan.


A good night’s sleep is one of the foundations of health, contributes to productivity, and affects our overall well-being. Our goal is that every mattress we build will help someone sleep well.

—Jolan Miller, CEO

Our Mission: To help people experience rest.

Rich physical rest through mattresses that combine luxurious comfort with premier quality. Relational tranquility through meaningful business relationships and outstanding customer service. The joy of spiritual rest by the experience of God’s love and His life-giving principles woven into every level of business interaction with our company, for His honor and glory.