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Frequently Asked Questions

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Health & Safety

Typically, chiropractors recommend a firm mattress for back pain. However, don’t take that advice too far. Make sure to choose a mattress that feels comfortable for your body.

We build custom-ordered mattresses using organic and natural materials. We typically use either organic cotton fabric quilt or organic wool for the covers. Contact us for details and a quote.

All urethane foam used in Monarch Rest mattresses is CertiPUR-US® certified which means it has passed the test for low VOC emissions and contains no CFCs, formaldehyde, ozone depleters, mercury, lead, phthalates, and more. For more details, visit

Yes, all Monarch Rest mattresses meet CFR 1633 fire retardant standards. We use a rayon-polyester fiber blend in our mattresses. Rayon is inherently fire retardant, which means no topically treated chemicals are used.


To ensure even wear, it is best to flip and spin your mattress once a year. A less ideal, but alternative option is to use one side until it is worn, then flip your mattress and wear out the other side.

We recommend rotating it from head to foot once every six months. Periodic rotation protects against uneven wear. Single-sided mattresses cannot be flipped.

Many variables affect mattress life. These include exposure to sunlight and the weight of the person(s) sleeping on the mattress. Mattress padding will change over time; thus, your mattress will not feel exactly the same in 10 years as it did when it was new. That said, a Monarch Rest mattress should last 15-20 years without failing.

The only temperature-sensitive material we use is gel-infused memory foam. Memory foam is firmer in cooler temperatures, so the only Monarch Rest mattresses affected by temperature are ones with gel-infused memory foam.

A mattress and foundation should be stored in a mattress bag in a temperature-controlled, low-humidity room.

Use a mattress protector. Properly support your mattress set. Beds with wooden slats need support posts. Rotate and/or flip your mattress according to the recommended schedule and buy a recommended foundation to match your mattress. Never stand or jump on your mattress. Never bend your mattress unless it is designed to do so.


Essentially, double-edge side supports give you a larger sleeping surface area. If you are lying close to the edge of the bed, you won’t get the feeling that you’ll roll off at any minute. And they also create a firmer edge for when you are sitting on the edge of the bed.

Latex is naturally breathable which helps with temperature regulation. We also offer the option to custom-order a PCM cool touch cover on select Monarch Rest models. We recommend a cooling mattress cover/protector to help dissipate body heat.

Yes, mattresses do change minimally with time. However, because of the high-quality comfort layers we use, change is fairly minuscule. Do not buy a mattress that feels too firm with the expectation that it will soften in 6-12 months. It probably won’t happen.

Yes, it may. Adjustment is accentuated by changes in comfort levels or mattress types, such as moving from an innerspring to a mattress with a foam core. We recommend sleeping on your new mattress for at least 30-45 days before deciding that you need a different comfort level.

Yes, we can make custom sizes of any model of antique beds, RVs, and more. Contact us for a quote.


Our craftsmen ensure that every mattress is made to specification and that the assembly process is done correctly every time. Our lamination process does not work with an assembly line. We use a water-based adhesive that takes longer to cure but has a much stronger bond. If properly done, the glue joint will not fail.

Gel is an additive in memory foam that feels cool to the touch and wicks away heat.

A 1.8 wt. foam will last approximately twice as long as 1.2 wt. foam before softening and developing impressions. All our mattresses are built with the time-tested 1.8 or higher-weight foam padding. In the past, the industry used high-density 1.8 wt. quilting foam as a standard. Today, many manufacturers have switched to low-density, super-soft foam in the quilting and padding.

They are mini pocket coils approximately 1” thick. Micro coils add resilience and inhibit motion transfer.

All our major components are made in the United States or Canada.


  • Twin: 38″×75″
  • Twin XL: 38″×80″
  • Full: 53″×75″
  • Full XL: 53″×80″
  • Queen: 60″×80″
  • King: 76″×80″
  • Cal King: 72″×84″

No, but the warranty is void at a weight of 300 pounds for one person and 500 pounds for two people (combined weight).

Our adjustable foundations are rated at an 850-lb. capacity. This capacity includes the combined weight of the mattress and person(s).

We use 12.75- or 13-gauge wire for our traditional coil innersprings, which is heavier than the industry standard of 14.5 gauge. (The lower the number, the heavier the wire.)


All else being equal, a one-sided mattress will not last as long as a double-sided mattress. However, because we use premium foams, even our one-sided mattresses should last 15-20 years. Plus, a one-sided mattress typically has more padding on the sleep surface, which allows for more comfort options.

No, it does not, since the padding on the bottom side receives some wear and compression from being slept on. It should last at least 50% longer.

With two identical sleep surfaces (top and bottom), you can flip your mattress and sleep on both sides. Plus, if one side gets torn or stained, you can flip to the other side.

TwinXL is a half King. Split Queen & Split California King are also available. These sizes are especially popular on adjustable bases, where the benefit of individual adjustment typically outweighs the negative of the gap between the two mattresses.

Our 2024 release, the Fuchsia mattress, is the crown jewel of our collection. Its blend of high-loft New Zealand wool and natural Mongolian cashmere creates a silky, soothing feel for your skin. The breathable foam, motion-hushing pocket coils, and natural Talalay latex offer a buoyant, contoured, cushioned feeling that is the epitome of comfort.

Mattresses are not “one model fits all.” Different body sizes and sleep positions are factors. The salesperson helping you should be able to narrow it down to a couple of models. Do not rush the process. Spend a lot of time lying down on beds in the position you sleep in. Use a pillow that fits to ensure you are getting proper support and comfort.

A hybrid mattress is an innerspring mattress with specialty foam padding (latex, memory foam, or a combination). A hybrid mattress blends springiness with a cushioned, contouring experience.

Firmness preferences vary greatly from person to person. Three factors that help give direction to what is the best fit for you are your sleep position, weight, and physical/health conditions. In general, stomach and back sleepers prefer a mattress that is medium-firm to firm. Side sleepers prefer a medium to plush feel. Equally important, the heavier the person, the more necessary it is to have a firm core support to keep the spine properly aligned. Mattresses such as Elite, Integrity, and Fuchsia have a firm, high-quality innerspring core. A chiropractor or doctor can also recommend the proper firmness for your needs.


No. If your mattress is determined to be defective and covered under warranty, we will replace it with an identical one at no charge. After you receive your replacement mattress, we need the defective mattress back to help us determine what went wrong and hopefully make any necessary changes.

No, if your mattress is determined to be defective and covered under warranty, we will replace it with an identical one.

If your mattress is low in the center, it is likely a support issue. For a warranty claim to be valid, your bed must have proper support, which is at least one support post if you have wooden rails. See our warranty card for more details.

No. The warranty will be voided if you use a boxspring or flat foundation other than Monarch Rest’s, with the exception of adjustable bases. Any adjustable base is fine as long as it is rated at (at least) an 800-pound capacity.

Because the mattress warranty will be voided if your mattress has stains, we highly recommend putting a mattress protector under your sheets.

First, contact the dealer where you purchased the mattress, and they will help you with the warranty claim. If the issue is body impressions, we will send you a measuring kit with instructions on how to measure and the photos we need to approve the claim.