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Swirl design

Great sleep isn’t a luxury.

It’s a necessity.

Swirl design

Sleep on a Hand-Crafted Mattress

Holistic, long-lasting comfort

Your whole body will love this hand-crafted mattress for years.

A mattress for every slumber preference

Firm, soft, adjustable, latex, gel-infused memory foam, and more.

Clear-cut, industry-best warranties

No pages of long print. We stand behind our mattresses for decades.

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Explore our website.


Educate by talking to a dealer.


Embrace good nights for a lifetime.

It’s Time for Your Sleep Reformation

We believe everything we do deserves our best. That includes sleeping.

By the hands of craftspeople

Our people have been artisans for centuries, shaped by a Swiss-German heritage that values integrity, a strong work ethic, and care for the details.

Through comfort technology

While Old-World values shape the way we work, current sleep technology informs how we structure each of our unique hand-crafted mattress lines.

With the highest standards

We build our mattresses this way, not to be a luxury brand, but because we see no other way to build, except with the deepest skills and finest materials.

Giving Rest to Thousands Since 1991

Sleep on it!

Our industry-leading warranty

Monarch Rest 20 year warranty badge

Because we are deeply invested in providing you with a night of sleep you can rely on, your mattress comes with an industry-leading limited warranty.