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Giving Rest to Thousands Since 1991

It’s Time for Your Sleep Reformation

We believe everything we do deserves our best. That includes sleeping.

By the hands of craftspeople

Our people have been artisans for centuries, shaped by a Swiss-German heritage that values integrity, a strong work ethic, and care for the details.

Through comfort technology

While Old-World values shape the way we work, current sleep technology informs how we structure each of our unique hand-crafted mattress lines.

With the highest standards

We build our mattresses this way, not to be a luxury brand, but because we see no other way to build, except with the deepest skills and finest materials.

Better Dreamlands Ahead

Do you know what makes saying “Good Night” ironic? A poorly built mattress. You may know the frustration of tossing and turning on a mattress that didn’t live up to its name or predicted lifespan.

At Monarch Rest, we’ve been hand-crafting premium mattresses backed by industry-leading warranties for over 30 years. It’s time you stop tossing and experience full-body rest on a hand-crafted masterpiece.

Sleep on it.
It’s the best advice we have.

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Our Industry-Leading Warranty

Because we are deeply invested in providing you with a night of sleep you can rely on, your mattress comes with an industry-leading limited warranty.